World War 3

World War 3 is at our doorstep. A massive conflict looms in the middle east and is beginning to seep into the rest of the world. This is coming to a head via the use of both false flags, propaganda, and predictive programming

A false flag is a deceptive tactic originating in naval warfare, in which a ship displays a flag other than its own battle flag. In this case however, a false flag is a an event staged for a greater and usually more secretive end goal. The false flag in question is the World Trade Center attacks. 

These attacks gave the United States an opportunity to have a large public presence in an already unstable area, and began conducting their global conquest titled "The War on Terror". Not long after that  Iraq was invaded based on a lie told by George W. Bush. He proclaimed Iraq had "weapons of mass destruction", of which there turned out to be none.

And along the path we went, attacking "terror" wherever it rose. We are now setting our sights on Iran, claiming they possess nuclear capabilities and are a threat to the entire region. The next Middle Eastern nation to be invaded will be Iran via the USA and Israel. Iran is a key country in this conflict, because it is an ally of both Russia and China. Both countries would provide military support if not declare war altogether.

The United States knows this, however it does not fear retaliation. The United States spends more on its military than the next 50+ countries combined. The ultimate goal is complete control of oil. Control of the oil means control of the world. In an attempt to create a new world order, the United States will bait Russia and China into conflict. The military might of the United States will stomp out any scenario other than an American victory.

If this was not worrisome enough, we as citizens have been, and are being programmed and conditioned to accept the coming conflict via predictive programming. For years depictions of references to the 9/11 attacks were very present in the media.

Lately the common theme in Hollywood is the allusion of the United States/humanity facing a great turmoil or invasion. 

This is no coincidence, we are literally being programmed to accept this event. Henry Kissinger, the former Secretary of State, has admitted to everything I have mentioned above in this mindblowing article

World War 3 would be more devastating than all previous wars combined. Post-war society would emerge unimaginably different. The fate of our planet and our species would be determined by the outcome.

This is tough information to swallow. It is hard to be faced with such a harsh truth when the ignorance was so blissful. It is though you beginning to awaken from the matrix. Keep in mind, this is not the path we MUST take, merely the path we are on.  However World War 3 and is a certainty if we do not act quickly. 

Follow the link for a hypothetical World War 3 Scenario

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