World War 3 Scenario

First of all, this is a HYPOTHETICAL description of a potential World War 3 Scenario. Secondly, one might say WW3 has already started with the war on terror in the middle east. But terror is a mindset, not real enemy. It is important to note that the primary factor for the middle east campaign is securing the world's finite amount of oil. The middle east supplies more than half of the world's oil.

World War 3 will begin with the US invasion of Iran. The invasion of Iran and several other countries was confirmed by former Army General Wesley Clark.

The invasion of the United States' final target, Iran, will put the United States at a distinct advantage in the future of the world.

Russia and China know this. They are both key allies of Iran and would eventually be forced into conflict. At first both would most likely offer supplies, but they will not allow the United States to conquer Iran untested. 

Russia and China then declare war on the United States. NATO  would offer aid on the side of the US. Before any fighting is done, the chief belligerents (USA and Russia/China) MUST agree not to use nuclear arms, even in the case where a rogue nation (i.e. North Korea) does in fact use one. Otherwise both sides face mutually assured destruction via nuclear holocaust. 

The fighting would be primarily located in the middle east. North Korea would attack South Korea. Oil rich nations not located in the middle east face invasion not long after the outbreak of war. The threat of monopolization of the world's primary energy supply will push all semi-industrialized nations into conflict. 

The United States spends three and a half times as much on military spending than Russia and China combined. Russia and China have about five times the population of the United States. The result is the largest war earth has ever seen. 

Inevitably, one side will be backed into a corner. Options will be weighed. Nuclear conflict will most likely break out in spite of the agreement not to do so. Unless a treaty of some sort can be created, the world will plunge itself into a nuclear winter. 

"I do not know with what weapons World War 3 will be fought, but World War 4 will be fought with sticks and stones."

                                                                       -Albert Einstein 

Remember, this is a HYPOTHETICAL World War 3 scenario. I am in no way, shape, or form saying this as a guarantee, just a warning.

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