Tripping with Girlfriend

It was a surprisingly warm day in December. I had recently acquired an 8th of Penis Envy. My girlfriend and I had been planning on tripping together for over a month and we finally had the opportunity.

Around 10 am we divided up the goods halfway. She was slightly nervous (her first time) but I was excited as usual. We choked them down with orange juice and headed to my room.

After about 20 minutes or so of laying in my bed we both began to feel the effects. My ceiling patterns began morphing into little flower people. I was enjoying the experience. My girlfriend however, was not.

She kept repeating how strange she felt and saying "I don't like this" over and over. This may have been due to the nausea which we both felt. She wandered around my house and I followed her. I could tell she was in the typical "first trip confusion" and I did my best to calm her down.

To make matters worse, 2 hours into the trip (around 12 pm) she received a text from her mom asking if she would be able to take her to run some errands. This of course freaked her out even more. I admit was also freaked out but I had to remain calm.

My girlfriend got sick a few times which ended up curing the nausea. She then psyched herself out of her trip somewhat. Enough to drive back to her house. I joined her because I couldn't let her do all that on her own.

We drove to her house and were feeling quite anxious. But once we arrived all nerves left me. I knew I was in complete control of my actions and I had faith in my girlfriend that she did as well.

I remember being memorized by one piece of decor in particular. It was a candle holder with a face blowing out over a hand. Except the arm was the base of the candle holder and the face rested upon the edge of the hand. This gave the illusion that the face was floating. Pretty trippy.

Anyways we began our journey. My girlfriend drove due to her mothers' license trouble. I sat in the backseat and her mother sat in the passenger seat. At first I was slightly worried about my girlfriend's ability to drive, but she quickly proved to be more than capable of handling the situation.

I began to enjoy the ride and soak in the experience. As usual, I was absorbed in every patch of nature we drove by. Eventually we reached an complex of outlet stores. While her mother shopped, the two of us began to walk around. By this time, my girl had calmed down and we really began to enjoy ourselves. There was much talking and laughing.

We sat down on a bench looking over a pond filled with geese and ducks. We talked about the day and the crazy experience that happened what seemed like weeks ago. I told her how impressed I was that she was able to keep her composure for the drive. Keep in mind it was a solid 20 miles round trip.

We went to a couple more stores after that. Still having a great time with each others' company. I was incredibly glad she enjoyed it towards the end. I felt bad for putting her in that situation in the first place.

After we were done shopping we drove back to her house. We were both quite exhausted and took a nap. It wasn't my most introspective trip to date, but it sure was memorable and I'm glad I had the opportunity to share it with my girl.

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Apr 06, 2013
by: Anonymous

damn thats crazy she had to drive that far

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