The Next American Revolution

The next American Revolution must be the final revolution. It must wholly replace the tyrannical system that has the world in a choke hold. Some may say that the next American revolution has already begun. I would agree with this statement. There are organized marches, like the recent march against Monsanto. There is distrust of the government. And the condition of the economy is rapidly declining. 

It has begun through the freedom of the internet. The internet acts as the collective "brain" of humanity. Before it's existence, information was given to the masses through controlled news outlets. It is no secret that those outlets were (and still are) totally corrupt. The internet is an open source for information. Anyone with an idea can spread it through the internet. It is quite the beautiful device. 

It is through the internet that dissent is spreading. Websites such as this one are becoming more and more common as the message spreads. This message is of course that we live in an era of slavery to the financial elite. 

This "next American revolution" is a revolution in thought. It is the breaking away from our selfish tendencies. It is seeing ourselves as everything. It is living in perfect harmony within our species and nature. It is a shift from fear to love. From slavery into freedom. From war to peace.

It is essentially up to the American citizens to save the world. This country is the homeland for the most evil people in the world. There is a reason that more money is spent on defense in the USA than anywhere in the world. The elite need protection. America is their country, but they will not be satisfied until they have taken the world.

This revolution need not be a violent one. It simply takes mass dissent. Imagine the outcome if everyone stopped paying their taxes. We could not all be jailed. If the public were simply informed of how easy it is to live in a resource-based economy, rather than one in which competition is required, the revolution would be started and completed before the sun set tomorrow. 

Remember, manifest the future. Your thoughts are quite powerful, occupy them with love.

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