The Hinderance of Humanity

  The hinderance of humanity lies in its individualistic nature. We wish to do well for the group, but it is always the "I" that lies atop the list of priorities. Always looking out for number one. This is a primitive stage of mankind. You are everything. I am everything. We are everything. All living creatures are born of the same material. We are all children of mother Gaia. 

  How cruel it is that we disrespect our mother in such a way. Not only through pollution, but through our hatred and disrespect for our brothers and sisters. There is no value that can be placed on life. Life is everything. The universe is an organism. The most grand spectrum of life is painted within this universe. Yet, only one vantage point of this universe is known to you, and it is yours. 

  This you see, is the most precious of gifts. Life is not a hedonistic thrill ride. Life is a collection of consciousness. One cannot be centered solely on oneself. You will have squandered the gift given to you. When you pass on, any trace of individualism you once cherished will be whisked away like dust in the wind. Your ego will cease, but the spirit that is this universe will carry on. Ask but one question. "Does it live?". And if it does in fact live, know that you are it. You must be it. 

"Strangers passing in the street/By chance two separate glances meet /And I am you and what I see is me" - Echoes by Pink Floyd

  It is in many ways like Coral. Each polyp acts as its own individual form of life, but this polyp and all the polyps like it, are connected to the coral living as itself.

  If the universe is alive, then it must mature. As the universe develops it would like to experience itself in every possible way it can. So it manifests itself into individual organisms. From the tallest trees, to the smallest cells, everything is rooted to one consciousness. When you harm another you are harming yourself. There is no need for the male dominated society filled with greed and competition. No need to gloat and swell the ego. It is from the ego that all pain stems and the hinderance of humanity emerges. 

  There is a simple way to counteract this plague. Simply show all living things love. Become a beacon of happiness. You will morph your life into a more positive direction because the universe will react in a positive way. It is the law of attraction at work. Know thyself, accept your personal weaknesses. Begin to look past your own flaws and the flaws of others. These are merely mental and physical flaws. Spiritually, we are flawless. It is the earthly flaws however, that mask our spiritual flawlessness.

  The hinderance of humanity can disappear when a societal effort is placed in love rather than fear. We are all on the same path. Some may just be farther along than others. 

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