The Ability to Perceive

The only difference between a human and a rock is the ability to perceive.  While this seems like an absurd and senseless remark, if you assume the basic needs of food, water, and shelter no longer exist, it actually holds complete truth.  This is because natural discomforts that would be present due the lack of the basic necessities would not be experienced due to the inability to perceive thirst, hunger, pain or coldness

The ability to perceive is a vital component in any intelligent being. The human brain is the sole reason we as a species have been able to make, and continue to make such monumental advancements in our relatively short history.  In humans specifically, we have been blessed with the ability to perceive language.

Imagine someone from another country asking you, “What is a rock?”  Think about all the possible adjectives you could use to describe a rock.  You might use words like hard, round, heavy or grey to explain to this person the concept of a rock. The only reason we are able to use those words is because we are able to perceive the qualities of the object. It is due to this perception ability that humans are able to perceive something simply by reading or hearing about the qualities of that item.

If a rock were to go untouched by any outside forces for the next 25 years, in relationship to its current location, where will that rock be 25 years from now?  Obviously, we all know that according to Newton’s first law of motion, an object at rest will stay at rest until acted upon by an outside force.  Thus, assuming that the above is true, we can determine that rock will remain is the exact same spot for the entirety of those 25 years.  

Now, remove a human’s ability to perceive and put them in the same scenario as the rock.  What will happen to that human after 25 years?  Essentially, the exact same thing.  When someone becomes hungry/thirsty, naturally they will seek out food/drink to ease the discomfort.  Even an infant knows to cry out for their mother when they want food.  But a non-perceiving human wouldn’t have the ability to tell whether or not they needed food.  The idea of hunger would no longer exist because we wouldn’t be able to feel the discomfort from hunger or the satisfaction from eating food.  We wouldn’t feel hot or cold, tired or awake, depression or euphoria.  This human would essentially become permanently indifferent to everything and anything that could possibly happen to them.  If they couldn’t perceive, nothing would ever drive them to move from their current location.

The ability to perceive is the only reason humans do not lay dormant.  We would not be able to perceive hunger, pain, warmth, tiredness, or even fun.  Fear and love would also cease to exist, eliminating the urge run from danger or sexual desires.  And the idea of boredom would also go unnoticed, eliminating the drive to move from the current location, granting humans with an overwhelming sense of contentedness, with no need to change due to lack of disturbances.

It is important to understand that perception is malleable  You choose what you want to think. The mind can be an incredibly useful tool, or an incredibly detrimental one. This is due to the law of attraction. The mind must be trained to let go to. Understand that the mental barrier that exists between the outside world and the thoughts in your head is based on perception. Perceive what you want to perceive.

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