Small DMT hit

I had just returned from a long hike when my friend offered me the remaining small bit of powder in the bowl. I sat on my bed and held the flame about an inch from the powder, inhaling very gently. Keep in mind, this was a small amount; only what my friend did not use from his experience(15-30mg).

I was not expecting much, but on the exhale of the first hit I could already feel a strong rush. I hit it one more time in the same fashion. I put the bowl on my bedpost and laid down. Immediately after I closed my eyes my body became incredibly heavy. I then exhaled my second hit(according to my friend, I do not recall this).

The energy in my body was tremendous, I felt as if I were pure energy. My visuals were intense. I remember seeing red and yellow stripes in my CEV. I then proceeded to see many different scenes and landscapes. I cannot remember them to detail however.

I did not break through, but it was my most intense experience to date. Will be interested in exploring more...

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