Simulated Reality

First and foremost, simulated reality, refers to the theory that our current existence may be a hyper-advanced computer simulation. This is a possibility based on the exponential growth of human achievement. 

If this theory seems impossible to you, then you are already a prisoner of this reality.

There is already a known code of nature. It is called the fibonacci sequence. The sequence can be found in the structures of trees, the human body, the ancestry of bees and much more. 

Of course it is virtually impossible to prove or disprove the theory of simulation without any tangible evidence. It can however, be proven to be a possibility. First we must assume the following conditions to be true.

1. Human advancement is either limitless or unimaginably far from being maxed out.    

It logically makes sense that our species will become so technologically and intellectually advanced, we will eventually will create a computer code for our own universe. 

2. Our species has not suffered annihilation(either foreign or domestic) previous to our conception of the simulation. 


3. The Universe is unimaginably large if not infinite.

If our species is annihilated, a simulation of our current reality is still plausible via an alien race. If the Universe is infinite, then by sheer mathematics you can prove that any possible event will eventually take place. An intelligence level required for this level of programming must surely exist. Thus computer simulated reality has existed, and/or will exist, and/or is existing. 

 The purpose of this simulated reality is obviously a topic of debate. Here are my potential reasons for it's creation:

-An analytic device for the observation of past events and the effects of alternate choices on the rest of the reality. Also could be used for the experimentation of future events.

-A life support system. If our species were to face extinction, we would be able to preserve our existence in our own computer simulation.

-A tool for hyper-advanced consciousness to merge with technology.

Although this is a complicated theory that raises many philosophical questions, the presence of it in your daily life goes largely unnoticed.

This is just something to consider, your entire life is "illusory". This may or may not be true just yet, but eventually it will be.

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