Predictive Programming in Modern Warfare 3

Henry Kissinger himself has warned us of the predictive programming in Modern Warfare 3. You can read his complete statement here.

Modern Warfare 3 

He states that the events portrayed in MW3 are EXACTLY what is to come. In case you have not played Modern Warfare 3 or you have forgotten what happens I will summarize it for you.

The first mission of the game opens with the a skewed version of the MW3 logo with the M upside down as to depict WW3.

The date is August 17th which is known as Black Tuesday in the game. The Russian military has invaded New York City and established air dominance. They have blacked out U.S. communications via radio jammer placed atop the stock exchange. TV reports scroll saying things such as "America's Last Stand?". Perhaps most worrisome of all, an illuminati symbol is the logo for the stock exchange. 

Later on in the game, just as the Russian president is preparing to make peace, his plane is hijacked and he and his daughter is taken hostage. The goal of the hijackers is to extort him into giving up his country's nuclear launch codes.

Chemical attacks then ravage major European cities. This preps the continent for a Russian invasion.  The game continues and eventually your character rescues the President and his daughter. 

During the final mission, your goal is to kill the antagonist chiefly responsible for the entire conflict. In the middle of a short cut-scene towards the end of the mission, a triangle of lights is in your field of vision while you are looking at your reflection. An interesting coincidence is that the top of the pyramid aligns with your eye.

It is really not too difficult to notice the predictive programming in modern warfare 3. It is a device being used to train children to kill. A first-person shooter is the closest thing to actually killing someone. It is training our youth to be soldiers and conditioning them for war.

The obvious message in this game is that World War 3 is on our doorstep. The current political events coupled with the numerous other examples of predictive programming are simply reinforcing this belief. Our future depends on our actions now. Be wary of what is to come. 

I STRONGLY recommend reading Mr. Kissinger's article, which can be found at

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