Persecution of Minorities 

The persecution of minorities has not ceased in America, or anywhere for that matter. Rather the persecution has evolved with the time. 

For African Americans, the harshest persecution obviously occurred about 150 years ago. There has been great leaps and bounds to integrate individuals of race into a functioning society. For the most part there has been noticeable progress. But in reality, most African Americans are partaking in a different form of slavery.

The shackles of debt are entrapping everyone; not just minorities. Keep in mind the color of your skin has nothing to do with your own self worth, but society has urged us to think this way.

Unfortunately the reality is that minorities, especially African Americans, are far worse off than the rest of the population.

The poverty rate for African Americans (27.4%) is nearly double that of the rest of the population (15.1%). Even worse, in neighborhoods with a higher concentration of African Americans, the poverty rate goes up. Take a look at a comparison of several of Chicago's neighborhoods.

Are you curious as to why the numbers are so staggeringly different? It is because poverty is cyclical. No matter what your skin color is, escaping poverty is one of the most near-impossible tasks in the world. African Americans have a horribly unfair disadvantage. They were abducted from their homeland and given nothing. Every individual had to fight to survive. The focus was not on advancing but on continuing.

A crucial step in the escape from poverty is obtaining education. Knowledge is so incredibly valuable and correlates directly to success. That knowledge is just out of reach for many. The average cost per year of a public college is around $22,000, which happens to be ten percent higher than the poverty line for a three person household. That is how many are in essence "trapped" in poverty.

If the hopes to escape poverty via education are erased, where does one turn for motivation? To those with success of course! Poverty is always correlated with crime. It is culture of poverty that teaches crime is "cool". A great majority of hip-hop songs promote violence and crime. It is viewed as an easy way to "climb the ladder" so to speak. This of course does nothing to end the persecution of minorities, rather it simply acts as a barrier between poverty and equality.

The first change must be in the mindset of the people. If the animosity was turned from each other towards the whips of the masters, we would all be free.

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