The Perfect Prison

Jeremy Bentham first proposed the idea of a perfect prison. Although his  prison was one that seems slightly less than perfect. He created the design of a building called the Panopticon. This building was designed in a way that the guards were not required. A central viewing station allowed for monitoring of all prisoners without the prisoners knowing if they were under inspection. This design however, was built for a literal prison.

However, the perfect prison has no walls. It has no guards except the ones the prisoners choose. It is a prison of the mind. It is so perfect because the prisoners have no more awareness of their captivity than a herd of sheep on a farm. 

Of course the prison I am referring to is the prison of modern day society. We have been blinded by the endless stream of media, absorbing us in it's excessive violence and mindless propaganda. We are taught by the school system that our grand purpose in life is to choose a successful career and absorb as much paper currency as we can. 

We are taught and encouraged to be slaves to the financial system. It is a very real form of mind control. We are told to devalue knowledge and instead become as profit driven as our "masters". It is because the media has alluded society that money brings us happiness, the population of sheeple can be commanded to do anything the prison "masters" want. As long as it is propagandized, the minds of the sheeple will mold to the objective. 

And so we exist currently as prisoners, guilty of no crime. We are children born unto slavery. But it does not have to be so. There is a movement approaching. People are beginning to wake up. Evidence is all around us. If you look closely, it becomes obvious that these metaphorical walls do exist. The guards however, exist only in one's mind. When you become truly aware of yourself, it is impossible to be a prisoner. 

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