Media Corruption

Media corruption is the single most important tool to keep the masses in place. It is important to remember that media has different mediums, but none more detrimental to our society than television. The average american watching about 34 hours of television a week or about 30 % of the time spent awake (8 hours of sleep).

The negative health effects are enough reason to keep away. Excessive TV watching in young children has shown to produce more anti-social behavior and aggressive tendencies.  A study conducted by the British Journal of Sports Medicine found that for an individual at least 25 years old, every hour spent watching television correlated to a 22 minute reduction of lifespan.

If you do the math this comes out to a 12 hour reduction in lifespan per week and a 27 day reduction per year. 

Many experts suggest that excessive television viewing is equally as bad  for your health as being a smoker and overweight. This is due to the increase risk of heart disease and other ailments that accompanies a sedentary lifestyle.

The effects of television on physical health are almost as dangerous as its effects on mental health. There is a reason it is called programming. The puppeteers of the people are also the puppeteers of the media. They have the power to bend the information into subliminal messages. The media masters manipulate the news to fool the public into support for an agenda.

Recent examples of manipulation of media include:

-September 11th "terrorist" attacks

-Iraq war

-Muammar Gaddafi smear campaign

-gun control issues

This is by no means a complete list, simply a jumping off point for further research.

 In 1983 around 50 different corporations controlled almost all of the news media.  Today, only 6 different news media outlets exist. These are Comcast, Disney, Viacom, CBS, News Corp, and Time Warner. Together they control all the information sent through a television screen. They provide the illusion of different ideologies being presented for consideration, in reality they present only the same bullshit the other five provide. 

However, media corruption does not stop with news channels. "Reality" TV is far worse due to the fact that no information - no matter how manipulated- is being presented. Instead semi-scripted "reality" with paid actors occupies the mind of the viewer. Enthralled with the drama dished back and forth as if still in high school. 

While the over saturation of sex and violence in media is detrimental to society, the real threat is the veil that is being held over our eyes. It is because of the Big Six the truth cannot get out. Every news story should be looked at with skepticism. Look for a truth attempting to be covered up.

Question everything

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