Make Yourself Better

Do you want to make yourself better? It is really very simple. It takes willpower and dedication. There is really no excuse to be unhappy with yourself. If something does not sit right, change it. If it can't be changed then why are you worrying about it. If you are happy with yourself and already following the steps outlined that is superb. But if there is something in this article you aren't doing, keep in mind that you are not the best you can be. 


The food you consume is monumentally important to your personal well-being. It is the cause of most if not all of your health woes or triumphs. The two leading causes of death in America are heart disease and cancer. Many people hold the notion that these things are genetic and are out of their hands. This is a complete fallacy. The food you eat directly impacts your health. Processed foods and animal proteins have been proven to increase the rate of cancer in rats. On the other hand, swapping animal proteins with plant-based protein reduced the rate of cancer.

When you think about it, it is quite barbaric to murder an animal and eat it. It is clearly not what nature intended. Disease would not be a byproduct of consuming animals if it was the way it was meant to be. Therefore, to make yourself better, switch to a plant based-diet. By eating a plant based diet you will begin to lose weight, lower risk of disease, and experience many more benefits.


What you do with your body is just as important was what you fuel it with. A sedentary lifestyle produces the same effects as smoking cigarettes everyday. Exercise produces obvious physical benefits; Increased muscle mass, decreased fat, and better organ conditions. But regular exercise goes beyond looking good. Exercise also combats stress, fights depression, and increases cognitive function. When you are asking how to better yourself, exercise is an obvious step.

Never Stress

Stress is a killer. Just like a poor diet, stress is a major factor in the development and progression of disease. Stress may seem like a natural reaction to tough scenarios but it is totally irrational. Becoming stressed at an unfortunate events is a pointless endeavor. It gets you nowhere; If anything, it pushes you backwards and encourages a cyclical attitude of stress and depression. Your mindset becomes focused on the negatives and law of attraction begins to manifest a continuing occurrence of negativity in your life.

When you really break it down, you begin to realize how utterly useless stress is. It is as simple to avoid as processed food, yet it is even more detrimental. To avoid stress you must fundamentally understand one thing; everything will eventually be alright. The universe is a place of balance. All the good and all the bad will eventually become equal. The law of attraction is a powerful tool when you know how to use it. The steps to make yourself better begin with your mindset. Positive thoughts bring positive outcomes.

Give a Damn

Humanity as a whole is not in a good place. This is a result of corporate greed placing a higher value on profit than on human and environmental life. We live in a world in which over 20 million people will die of hunger-related per year causes yet, another million will die from poor diet and exercise. The Western World is breeding apathetic fools who care for little else than themselves and their reality TV. Big banks are raping the economy and holding the middle class and below in a stranglehold. Our priorities are beyond fucked up. The system is designed this way. It is designed to brainwash. It is designed to shackle and conform. The twisted irony is this: the system crumbles without participation. Our ignorance and/or apathy is the very reason why we do not live in paradise. We possess the technology and the resources to feed the world ten times over. We can be perfectly healthy and incredibly intellectually advanced. But alas, there is no money in paradise.

If you have read this far, you cannot claim ignorance. It is understandable wanting to make yourself better, but by no means stop there. Become a beacon of righteousness. Fight for what you believe in and do not stop until you see the change the world deserves.

Experience Psychedelics (only if legal in your area)

If you want to make yourself better spiritually, look no further than psychedelics  By experimenting with mushrooms, LSD, or another psychedelic your will vastly expand the understanding of everything. It is a tough concept to explain, but psychedelics will free your mind. I promise you the experience will change your life. Don't forget to write a trip report :-).

"I can only show you the door, you have to walk through it." - Morpheus

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