Law of Attraction

The Law of Attraction plays an integral role in human interaction with our environment and each other. It states that by directing conscious thoughts towards an outcome or event, the likelihood of that outcome or event actually occurring increases.

By focusing mental energy on an idea, you begin to manifest the idea through your physical actions. This is how an intangible idea becomes a reality. This is obviously an incredibly useful tool for achieving prosperity in life. 

For example, take the phrase "confidence is key". This is basically the same idea as the law of attraction. By fueling yourself with the belief that you can accomplish your goal, you are significantly more likely to accomplish it. It is common knowledge that, in a physical altercation, if you psyche yourself up you are not only likely to intimidate you opponent, but also enable yourself to be victorious.

The law also works in ways of smaller magnitude. Think to a time when you had a word in your mind, and then someone nearby says that same word. This peculiar event has happened to just about everyone. Many write off an occurrence such as that as a simple coincidence. It is much more than that.

These "coincidences" are evidence of a global consciousness. It is evidence that  we must be connected to each other and our reality. It proves what we already know. The universe is a completely organic being with a consciousness high enough to self replicate and produce individual organisms capable of sharing from the collective pool of consciousness. 

This is pretty heavy stuff and I won't go into much detail in this article. The message that really needs conveying is this: Be mindful of what you think. A positive attitude changes everything. Do not allow your mind to fill with terrible scenarios that may occur! This website is not designed to monger fear. It is meant to inform. The world is not a naturally evil place. We have simply been swindled. There is no way around it. We are saturated with violent TV shows and violent movies. This is most likely the reason why predictive programming is so effective. It literally forces you to accept a scenario as true.

There is a simple solution. Think positively. Expect positive things. Spread truth and love to all you meet. If you wish to succeed, you must believe without a doubt in your mind that you will succeed. 

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