How You Can Change the World

Do you find yourself wondering how you can change the world? It sounds like quite the daunting task, considering our world's current state. But like all grand journeys, ours must begin with a single step. You cannot expect to conquer all of the demons of this world the first time you try. This does not mean your task is impossible. To quote the Shawshank Redemption: "...all it takes is pressure and time.

First you must have a rough vision of the world you would like to see. For most of us this consists of world peace, economic prosperity for all, and personal freedoms to live in the way we choose. Once you have this in mind you are ready. This is how to change the world.

Know your enemy- In this case, and all cases, the enemy is fear. It is fear that is responsible for every ounce of sadness, hatred, and any other negative aspect of this universe. Understand which emotions stem from fear, and which emotions stem from love.

Align yourself with love- If fear is your enemy, love must be your ally. For it is from love that all the joy, happiness, and all other positive emotions come. This step is most crucial. No one is perfect, but it is hard to change a world full of fear if you are still full of fear as well. You must let go. Let go of the ego that ties you down. Realize that your brothers and sisters are dying because of this broken system. Let love strengthen you.

Elevate your consciousness- Spirituality is beyond repressed in this day and age. We are too dumbed down as a society to be bothered with learning our true purpose. The shackles of the media attempt to trap its viewers in a grounded state. For thousands of years mankind has interacted with natural substances of the earth to invoke spiritual experiences. Ingestion of these substances cause disillusion of the ego and brings your purpose closer to personal understanding.

Spread the word- When you have become awaken to the truth, you will be disgusted by the facade you have been living. This is natural, it is truly a disgusting thing we have done to the earth. But that is in the past. Now it is time to pave the way for the future. This knowledge is valuable. It needs to be shared. Surround yourself with those who will listen. Do not be discouraged if you are brushed off as a wacky "conspiracy theorist". Those who do not listen are simply not yet on the right path. Remember, pressure and time.

Prepare yourself- The fearfulness of this world did not become so powerful without encouragement. The fear-mongering puppeteers will not easily give up the reigns. A revolution will occur. It may be physical or it may be spiritual, but it will indeed occur. You must persevere. Fight the good fight and you will win. Love is always stronger than fear.

This is how to change the world. Act with love, shun fear. Forgive those who do wrong. Forgive yourself. Look towards the light, and the light shall look back.

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