How to be Happy

When you wonder how to be happy, what are you really asking for? Sex? Drugs? Money? Maybe a simple ice cream cone. These things all bring happiness. However, they almost always bring negative consequences and emotions later on. They manifest objective happiness through short term physical pleasure. 

While the only moment that truly exists is the one you are living in right now, you are endlessly traveling through time and will inevitably be greeted by the future.  The current state of your personal well-being directly influences the happiness that embraces you in the future. That being said, when one wonders how to be happy, they are searching, of course, for life-long happiness.

How to be happy

Understand that you are the creator of your own existence. This does not mean you can control events. This means you can control your reaction to these events in a positive or negative way.

Consider this scenario; You are driving on the highway after a long day of work.  You are two lanes over from your exit and you pass it up.

From here there are two ways you can handle this situation

First, you react by yelling and swearing. You are bitter, upset, and mad at the world. This event has just put a damper on the rest of your mood and interrupted your happiness.

Second, you accept the fact that there is nothing you can do to change the fact that you missed you exit. You simply keep going and turn around at the next one. You understand that it is irrational to get angry about something you cannot change. 

It is obvious which scenario is the correct choice. The truest measure of happiness is how we respond to bad situations. 

If you are unhappy, you can place the blame no where but upon yourself. The world is deemed cruel by those that believe it is cruel. If you are displeased by the way the world is, the do something about it. Free yourself from the prison of society. Everyone has a choice. 

The universe is a place of cycles and balance. The positives will always balance the negatives. The key is to accept the negatives as a necessary occurance. Elevate your consciousness past your earthly troubles and learn to flow in tune with the universe. When you become like it, a being of cycles and balance, you will know no fear, and you will know happiness.

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