Higher Thinking

Higher thinking is that which frees us from this reality. It allows us to transcend existence and allows new discoveries and inventions to change the very way we live our lives.  We are on course for a new age of revolutionary ideas. These ideas will manifest into action and begin to shape our species into who we must become. 

For much of our time on this earth, there has been a common understanding that human beings are composed of three tiers of existence:

1. Mind

2. Body

3. Soul

It can be inferred by any rational individual that this is true and with the absence of one of these elements our existence becomes slightly skewed.

It is curious why such incredible study is done upon the mind and body, but study of the soul becomes a side project or something done after the "real" work has been done. The spiritual is as (if not more) important than the physical and mental.

Just as the industrial revolution molded our modern society into what it is now; a hypocritical system in which one must spend his life obtaining a paper currency worth nothing, the spiritual revolution will set us free from the oppression. 

Ask deep philosophical questions. Explore lucid dreaming and astral projection. Choose love. Follow your heart. Increase your self-awareness.

Please remember to keep an open mind. Heeding the advice of the website will transcend you to a different existence. Of this I am sure. The information presented in this section may be most important to your well being. Too much routine without any variation dulls the mind, body, and soul. Embrace the alternate living suggested and it becomes very possible to change your life significantly for the better. This page and its contents will deliver you the tools and knowledge to lift your spirituality to new heights.

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