Government Conspiracies
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Government conspiracies have had a dark hand in the past. In today's society, the phrase "conspiracy theory" is, more often than not, met with disdain. The majority simply write off a conspiracy theorist as nothing more than a story-teller weaving a web of rumors. Any new government policy is a government conspiracy and the Illuminati have conducted another cover-up. It is until an individual is shown proof, perhaps not even then, will he or she begin to accept the situation. This is a close-minded way to go about life. To become truly enlightened, one must think dualistically. What I mean is someone must in accordance to the quote below...

"It is the mark of an educated mind to be able to entertain a thought without accepting it."-Aristotle

Nonetheless, if the chances of one or more of these theories being true were even as low as a 1% (and my personal estimate is about 60%) three reasons exist to acknowledge their existence and investigate further:

1. Fascinating- If false, conspiracy theories are some of the most compelling works of fiction ever created. Entire story plots spanning hundreds of years with enough rumors to occupy a high school and enough arguing to fill a YouTube page on the subject.

2. Duty- even the slightest credible threat to humanity should not be ignored. At the very least try to understand the issue. There are those who wish to bring darkness to the world. Know in your heart what is right.

3. Eye-opening- Something is not right.  At what point does coincidence after coincidence become noticed? At what point do we refuse to stand for a world any crueler? The government lied to go to war. The super-rich spend gluttonous amounts of money while children go hungry. What just government exists that allows children to die? What government enslaves it's citizens to a private company?

Good news does exist however. The amount of people opening their eyes to new ideas is increasing. More and more individuals notice cover-ups and potential Illuminati existence/involvement. We are a strong species, there is good within us. 

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