Fluoride in Water

Aafter studying the effects of fluoride in water, the Center for Disease Control began adding fluoride to the water supply of Grand Rapids, Michigan in 1945. By 1951 results of the Grand Rapids test and several others were examined and showed a decrease in cavities in children. This was all the evidence needed to gather public support. Fluoridation became an official policy of the U.S. Public Health Service. Significant improvement was seen in oral hygiene and the practice spread through most of the country. Today it is estimated that 400 million people receive fluoridated water worldwide. The positive impacts are numerous, but what if there are negative effects that were over looked, or worse, what if they were intended.  

Scientists all agree on the benefit fluoride gives to society; however there is a fine line between health benefits and harm to humans.  It is commonly agreed within the scientific community that the amount of fluoride needed to have positive effect on human health is one part per million (ppm).  The amount of fluoride in our water supply is 4 ppm. It is claimed that amounts as low as 1.2 (ppm)have negative -even potentially fatal- effects.

According to over 23 different studies, there is strong indication that the presence of fluoride in water that an individual drinks causes a decrease in the rate of cognitive development in the brain. In the studying if mental cognition in children, all but one study showed that fluoride caused an average loss of 7 IQ points, with a standard deviation of 0.45.  It is also a major cause in the calcification of the pineal gland

What could be the reason for putting a dangerous chemical in the water supply? Some believe it to be the economic incentives. The fluoride that’s used in our water differs significantly from the fluoride in our toothpaste.  The fluoridated water that we drink contains fluoride that is a byproduct from factory operations.  Instead of being forced to dispose of the byproduct, these factories are able to dump the fluoride in the water, saving them a significant amount of money in transportation and handling costs. The federal government also saves money. They don’t have to regulate the disposal which means they don’t have to pay for equipment, transportation, or the salaries of the fluoride maintenance crews. 

When you think about it, it makes sense as to why the government would approve of water fluoridation even with (maybe because of) the negative benefits. They want to dumb us down. They use any tactic they can, from dumping fluoride in water to manipulation of our media. Do not let yourself be enslaved. Stand up to this crime being committed. Do your research and educate yourself.  

Written by @username_SDX

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