Flower of Life
An introduction

The flower of life is the pattern from which all creation flows. It is responsible in one way or another for the creation of both tangible existence, such as humans, trees, and flowers, and intangible existence, such as music, emotion, and thought. This pattern has appeared across the globe throughout history. It has been a confirmed find in China, Greece, India, Ireland, Egypt, Israel, Turkey, Germany, and Iceland. It has been reported to have been found in 20+ other places. 

This symbol houses an incredible amount sub-symbols representing some incredibly intricate and profound knowledge.

The flower of life begins with a smaller geometric shape. It is known as the seed of life. The seed of life is composed of seven overlaid circles. This figure is occasionally known as the "genesis pattern". It is said to represent the seven days of creation told in the Book of Genesis in the Bible.

By removing the overlap from the circles in the seed of life, you can see the egg of life. The egg of life has a personal significance to everyone. Every human being started out in this pattern. Everything about who you are today emerged from this simple shape. 

The flower of life, in every location it was discovered, was always drawn the same way, with 19 circles. Judging by the 36 partial circles, it looks as if there is more to the flower of life than first impression gives. By completing the figure and adding the missing circles, the fruit of life.

It is from the fruit that the fabric of reality is woven. To unlock the secret of the fruit, you must connect the center of each circle to every other circle. After this is done. The image looks something like this:

This figure is known as Metatron's Cube. This figure houses the five unique shapes that appear in the universe. These five shapes are:

These five shapes are known as the platonic solids. Platonic solids are characterized as follows:

1. All faces are the same size

2. All edges are the same length

3. All angles throughout the shape are the same

4. All points align perfectly with the edge of a sphere when placed in the middle

These five shapes reconvene in the form of the seed of life. All together they depict the five elements; fire, air, earth, water, and energy. The symbol is completed by the "void" the elements move amongst.  Every symbol on the periodic table relates back geometrically to one of these five shapes. There is no exception. Professor Robert Moon proved not only this, but that everything in existence also relates back to one of the five platonic solids. 

This is a very in depth topic. This article barely scratches the surface on the vast amount of knowledge relating to these symbols. I highly recommend watching the video below, it is from this video that a majority of information in this article comes from. 

If this is your first time reading about any of this information, it is my honor to welcome you aboard. I implore you to use the magic of the internet to find out MUCH more on this topic.

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