First DMT Trip

I had acquired 0.1 grams of this fabulous powder, and was incredibly excited about entering into the DMT world for the first time.

I decided to split the point into 2 separate doses. Packing herb into my glass pipe, I took a small hit to lightly toast the top. Then I packed up the white powder, followed by some more herb on top of that.

I took my first hit by ever so lightly grazing the flame above the bowl pack. Hitting it slowly and for an extended period of time, I began to get a taste of burning chemicals. I inhaled of the smoke and held it in as long as I could. 10 seconds later I blew out the smoke, and on the exhale I could feel things starting to get a little trippy.

Went in for my second hit tasting more of that chemical taste, only able to guess how crazy this was going to get. Probably 5-6 more hits later, I remember thinking, “Hitting this bowl is becoming increasingly impossible.” During the initial onset I remember think how much I hated this and how I wanted it to end, but then I asked myself “What about this do you hate?” Unable to think of an answer I set down the bowl and relaxed while I being engulfed in euphoria.

I decided to close my eyes in hopes of furthering along the experience. I had the song “Lateralus” by Tool playing on a low volume and in way almost guiding me, unsure where though. Being quite the Tool fanatic I had listened to all their songs a multitude of times, but this time while “Lateralus” was playing I remember thinking of how familiar this song seemed, but I was unable to correspond the music to the name.

During this time I tried to open my eyes and the small amount that I was able to pry them open, nothing around me seemed familiar. The physical shape and layout of the room was identical, but the objects around me were unworldly, looking to be made up of moving energy. I went to look at what used to be my friends TV stand. What was there was the same shape as the furniture item that has always been there, but because of the characteristics of a TV stand compared to the characteristics of this new item, I was unable to make the assumption that these two things were the same thing. I thought I was in a whole new environment.

Two other people were in the room with me observing my behaviors. While I had my eyes closed, one of them said, “Well, I am gonna go do my accounting homework.” After he said this I could hear their conversation continue. Then later I heard him say the exact same thing only I was much clearer this time, and it even echoed. When I came to I asked why he said the same thing twice, and he said he only said it once. After I heard it the second time, I no longer heard any other voices. I didn’t hear him get up to leave and shut the door or anything but I knew he was no longer there. It was almost like I could feel his energy leave.

Also, while I was in my trance and my eyes were closed, I felt as if I were underwater, not swimming but floating. I was getting the most intense closed eye visuals. I imagined me, floating in nothingness, while all around me there were scenes and visuals, flashing colors and patterns.

If you have ever played Mario Cart, you may or may not get this, but it’s the only way I can think to describe it. From my perspective during this time, it was almost as if I were in tiny car moving along through tiny segments of each Mario Cart course. At one time I was driving on a beach, which then turned into a mall, then to the ocean floor, followed by being air born up in the sky. During all this, the scenery around me as well as my physical self seemed incredibly cartoonish.

After the “peak” intensity began to wear off, I quickly stood up without saying a word. While standing there, my friend was asking me what going on and I replied that I had no idea. I clearly remember standing up and that it was the only way to satisfy whatever discomfort I was experiencing at the time, but I cannot remember specifically why I jumped up so quickly.

Because I had entered this new world, nothing was familiar. My previous knowledge of everything would have to be reevaluated. I was unable to explain anything that was happening to me as well as my thoughts. For the first time, I was able to see the world from an objective point of view. There was no idea of right or wrong, physical limitations or anything. It seemed everything I wanted to do, it would have been the first time ever attempting them, and that the consequences of these actions would also be experienced for the first time.

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Jun 16, 2013
Spiral out!!! NEW
by: Anonymous


Apr 23, 2013
Great report
by: Anonymous

Loved the details. Break on through!

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