Energy is God

Energy is God. It is the all-powerful supreme creator of the universe. It manifests itself in all living things. It is the only phenomenon that has been consistently worshiped throughout all of existence. 

If energy is God, then constitutes energy? The answer is fairly straightforward; energy is everything. Energy is everything from exerting enough force to climb stairs to the force exerted by a nuclear explosion. It is a strike of lightning and a gust of wind. 

The earliest humans would have worshiped the sun. There is no debate about this. The sun provides light and heat. Incredibly important given the lack of present day commodities. The sun was also responsible for the growth of plants. Ancient man would have surely realized this. He would have marveled in awe and wonderment of this celestial ball of flame. If there were to be any worship at all, it would have been directed to the sun. Over time religion may have changed the deity of worship, but that does not stop us from our complete dependency on energy.

The calorie is a measurement of energy. It is the amount of energy required to raise one gram of water by one degree Celsius. This means that food is represented as literal energy. This is why it is so vital to eat healthy. The energy we consume is required to fuel the energy we exert via movement and exercise. 

Energy is required for the production of every single material good. Most often it is through the use of oil. Our society as a whole is quite dependent on oil. So dependent in fact, that those who control the oil supply quite literally control the world. This is the reason for the September 11th false flag attacks and the "war on terror". It is through the godly powers of energy that a few men would wish to rule the world.

Not all energy is physical; Humans consist of a mind, body, and soul. Mental energy comprises of all of your thoughts and emotions. Your thoughts are the first step in any physical action. To first perform that action, you must first manifest it in your mind. Thus you are accessing an energy that is dependent on the experience or visualization of that action from another source. To simplify, when learning the correct way to perform a task, you are gathering the mental energy by either listening or observing some other source. 

Energy can never created or destroyed. It merely changes its state. Energy itself is the consciousness of the universe. It breathes into people the life of the world. Is everything and anything. This must mean that we are all connected via this common energy. It is much the same as polyps on coral. Each individual polyp is alive as it's own entity but it is still connected to the larger piece of coral which is alive as well.

It is truly awesome when one thinks about it. We are all connected. We share everything. The use of the word "we" is almost inappropriate. Instead it can be substituted with "I". I am everything. You are Everything. I am you. You are me. The almighty energy that flows through the universe binds itself to every aspect of existence. God is energy. Energy is God.

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