Eating Healthy

Eating healthy is good. I am sure you have heard it before. Put good in, get good out. But really, how important could healthy eating be? So damn important, that your life depends on it.

A vast majority of the American diet consists of processed food and refined sugars. This trend began in the 1950s with the emergence of fast food and grocery stores. People were too busy to take the time to cook meals and so they opted for convenience over health. Of course, no one really understood that they were sacrificing health. They saw no downsides at all. As children become used to eating this type of food they will continue the trend throughout their lives and most likely the lives of their children.

You might be wondering what happened before the birth of processed food and supermarkets in the 50s. The answer is simple; people grew their own. Many people lived in small towns and almost everyone had a garden. They would either harvest the food for themselves or sell it to a general store where people who, for whatever reason, did not have that item could purchase it. Specialty items were purchased at specialty stores. Meat from a butcher. Milk from a dairyman. Simply put, there was no need for mass produced food and everyone was generally healthier.

Today this is not quite the case. Heart disease alone claims nearly 600,000 lives a year in the United States. Cancer claims another 575,000. Contrary to popular belief, these diseases are not caused by genetic factors. It is true that the gene may be more susceptible to a disease but it will not grow unless it is fueled. As you may have guessed, this fuel is the food we consume. It has the power to speed up or slow down the rate of cancer in humans. 

Let me reiterate; by simply eating healthy we can basically eradicate the diseases that are ravaging the developed world. 

I recommend watching the documentary "Forks over Knives". It explains much of what I have said in this article. Mainly that red meat and processed sugars directly correlate in an increase risk for cancer. Also by shifting from our conventional meat-centered diets to a more plant based diet we can lower our risk for disease more effectively than any medical treatment today. 

The choice is yours. Avoid placing meat as the primary food in meals, especially red meat. Consume a small piece if any at all. Buy organic fruits and vegetables. If it is not organic it is likely to be a GMO (genetically modified organism). An even better solution is to grow your own food. Avoid processed food. Read ingredient labels and educate yourself on harmful ingredients. 

Make the smart choice now, so you need not pay the price later. Avoiding disease is as simple as eating healthy.

"Let food be thy medicine and medicine thy food." - Hippocrates 

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