This article is a two part disclaimer. The information that this website delivers is what some may call "controversial". It exposes truths and conspiracies that some may not find appropriate for the internet.

Firstly, Sickadelix DOES NOT condone any illegal behavior whatsoever. All information and products presented are for EDUCATIONAL purposes only. 

Secondly, In the recent past, individuals who released information much like the content of this website occasionally wound up either dead or completely discredited. While I don't wish to become either of those things, it is a bitter truth that it is what I may become. I do not fear this. If anything it would put an exclamation point on what I have said. But what I do fear however, is that my downfall be in vain. So here I am asking this of you, dear reader, If something should happen to myself or this website, dig as deep as you can to find the truth. 

Again I do not wish to play the role of martyr, but I will do so gladly for the cause if it comes to that.

If you have questions about any articles, feel free to leave a comment by following the link located to the left in the NavBar.

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