Collective Consciousness 

Collective consciousness is the aggregate consciousness of humanity. It is as if humanity itself were one organism and every human were one cell. The individual cells make up a complete whole of thought and perception. It is from  this collective consciousness that ideas are able to manifest themselves. It is from where social norms emerge. It is from were we are able to take the next step.

The logical question is to ask, "how is this possible?". Where can the aggregate of all humanity merge and become an oasis of understanding. The answer is right in front of your eyes. It is the internet.

First let us discuss key evolutionary advances leading up to the internet. There really is but one crucial advancement. This is the development and formation of language. To this day, the creation and implementation of a means of communication remains the most grand human achievement. Language paved the way for all developments thereafter. Without language, conscious thought cannot be formulated or conveyed. It was an evolutionary necessity.

Out of language was birthed technology. The ability to cook meat. The ability to carry heavy objects on a cart. To build great cities. Technology is a means of eradicating labor dependence and increasing human well-being.

The greatest technological advancement is a compound of all others. The internet is the "brain" of humanity. The collective consciousness of the internet allows for an individual to theoretically "possess" the knowledge of anything he could wish. The information is literally available at the tips of his fingers. The internet is also the only frontier free from total media corruption. This means that it is freely exposing tyranny and encouraging evolution of consciousness. 

This is where the internet draws its true power. It is a means of expressing a new idea. It is from the internet that a social revolution shall take place.

This is a very dangerous concept for those that have fallen in love with the system in place. To put it analogously; Controlling the media is a crucial tool for keeping the sheep in the pen. The internet acts as a "missing link" in the pen. Maybe even the last source of peaceful change. The rulers know this of course. That is why they continuously introduce new bills to attempt to "regulate" the usage of the internet. The most recent being CISPA.

This cannot happen. We as human beings deserve freedom. It is a natural right. The system is designed to keep you down. Rise up and defend your freedom! Allow the collective consciousness that is the internet to be the birthplace of a futuristic society, one that knows no pain or greed or fear. Follow your heart, and let the light guide you.

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