Achieve Your Goals

Do you know how to achieve your goals? Do you have any goals? If not I suggest you pay careful attention.

Goals are important. They act as the carrot on a stick to motivate throughout life. They allow you to invest time and effort to create something bigger. In fact, the greatest investment one can ever make is an investment in oneself.

Goals can be set high or low. They can have a set deadline or they can span for eternity. But you MUST know what your goal is. It is a fruitless effort trying to obtain something you think you want. You must know you want it.

To achieve your goals you must first have the goal(s) in mind. Know exactly what the end result is that you hope to achieve. Paint a picture in your head and expect it to be realized.

You must eat, sleep, and breath with that goal in mind. It must be constantly crossing your thoughts. The law of attraction is your friend. You must yearn for its achievement with all of your heart. Nothing will be accomplished half-assed.

You must look defeat in the face and laugh. You laugh because you know that defeat is an illusion. There is only one force that can stop you; that force is yourself.

That being said, you need to completely ignore anyone that attempts to put you down. These people do not care about you or your goal; if they did they would provide encouragement rather than discouragement. 

You must never lose faith in yourself or the goal you have striven so far to achieve. It is your goal and yours alone. You need not rely on any encouragement. Those that wish to put you down should be thought of as fuel to drive the engine of progress. Not only will you achieve your goal, but you will seed your greatness in the minds of those who doubted you.

However, It is important to avoid those who wish to bring you down. Surround yourself with like-minded people and others who have lofty goals. You will most likely find nothing but encouragement from these people. This is because they both respect and understand the drive to accomplish. They act as a foundation to lift you ever closer to your goal.

Achieving goals can be summed up to a simple recipie:





With these things you will taste victory.

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