A World On Mushrooms

A world on mushrooms would be a perfect world. The specific type of mushrooms I'm referring to are psilocybin mushrooms. These invoke feelings of bliss and spiritual enlightenment. More often than not being the single most spiritual experience anyone has in their life.

A world on mushrooms would be world peace. If you have ever experienced a psychedelic mushroom trip, you understand precisely what I mean. When on shrooms you are allowing your mind to drift into more spiritual and positive thoughts. By consuming a naturally occurring substance, you enable your mind to understand the connection between our earth and the human race as a whole.

If mushrooms became legal the following would happen.

Our eyes become open to the true nature of the universe. We treat each other as family and eradicate violence. We evolve from a life of greed and competition to one of brotherhood and prosperity. Our attachment to a paper currency would cease and be replaced, by the drive to aid the common good. By uniting in pursuit of our mutual goals we can advance our species beyond our wildest  imagination. Our race would become incredibly advanced intelligently, physically and spiritually.

Interstellar travel would be in the not too distant future. We would meet other intelligent beings and birth ourselves into our cosmic community. We would integrate with these other intelligent beings in the same way we united on our own planet. We would repeat this process until our entire universe was connected and proceed to bask in the glory that is conciousness.

Before any of that can happen, we must shed our addiction to ignorance.    The psychedelic mushroom is the least dangerous "drug" known to man.

It makes absolutelty no sense why the most dangerous drug ( alcohol: over 80,000 deaths per year) is legal and the least dangerous drug (Mushrooms: 0 deaths ever) is illegal.

It does nothing but act as proof as a corrupt government driving its country in the wrong direction. 

Wake yourself up. A world on mushrooms is a paradise in this reality.

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