What is Wrong with Society
The monetary system

Many people ask themselves "What is wrong with society?". This is usually after hearing of some atrocity or malevolent act. It is usually chalked up simply as human nature; this is incorrect. Even worse, the apathetic response; "that is just the way it is".

The simple fact is that there is something very wrong with society. No question about it. Most of us choose to ignore it because it does not pertain to them at the moment. It is this attitude that is hindering humanity.

While the ego is responsible for our personal faults, there exists a tangible system designed to cause misery in the world. This is the monetary system. The Federal Reserve controls the money supply which obviously gives them the most power in the world. This would not be a problem if the Federal Reserve were not a corrupt private corporation. The "money" in circulation is really a mark of debt to be repaid to the Federal Reserve. All bills belong to this private entity.

The real evil lies in interest. The United States borrows all of its currency from the Federal Reserve at interest. This means the United States needs to endlessly borrow money from the Federal Reserve to pay back the interest. This is a foolish and paradoxical cycle that can never be completed logically. The inevitable end will be bankruptcy. 

Along with this endless borrowing comes endless inflation. The purchasing power of the dollar has proportionately decreased as the monetary supply increases. 

The monetary system forces a system of slavery upon the people. Lives revolve around the accumulation of wealth. Even as the power of the dollar has fallen due to inflation, minimum wage has not increased proportionality. In the United States it is currently $7.25. If it were adjusted for inflation and technological advances it would be $21.72. 

To advance in this current society, it is basically a requirement to attend some sort of college or university. The average cost of such an education will run approximately $20,000 annually. This is how the impoverished parts of a country stay poor. The laughable minimum wage can barely support basic needs let alone a college tuition. There is not simple ladder of achievement; it is completely based on the gathering of money. 

It is obvious that income distribution resembles a pyramid. The banks, governments, and corporations sit on top. These institutions are truly evil. They put profit before the lives of the inhabitants of this earth. All in pursuit of feeding their monetary addiction.

In reality, the income distribution in America is far more disgusting than many presume. The wealthy are saturated in greed while children starve on the street. 

The system is not broken. This is exactly how it was meant to be. The super-rich stay in complete control and the rest of society slaves away. 

What is Wrong with Society? Watch Zeitgeist Addendum.

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