Classical Hallucinogens

Classical hallucinogens are vehicles of enlightenment. These "classics" are also known as psychedelics and include LSD, psilocybin mushrooms (magic mushrooms), marijuana and other entheogens. 

The word entheogen means "generating the divine within". The word psychedelic comes from the ancient Greek words psyche, which means mind, and delos, which to manifest or reveal.

It is no coincidence that this is the structure of the word. Psychedelics truly allow the mind to manifest its true potential. For thousands of years various cultures around the world have used entheogens to attain a deeper understanding of reality and spirituality. 

We as humans have a basic thirst for spiritual knowledge. It is as basic an instinct as hunger and thirst, yet it is not being studied in an efficient manner. These conscious-expanding drugs unlock human potential. After consumption, one achieves a spiritual high. A high in which onr becomes closer to enlightenment and opens the mind to the problems with our grounded existence. 

Psilocybin mushrooms have been theorized by several ethnomycologists, including Terrence McKenna, to be the manna that God sent down from heaven. Evidence of this can be seen extensively in many ancient cultures and texts including in both the Bible and the Qu'ran. 

Psychedelics are the least dangerous mind altering substances. LSD, magic mushrooms, and marijuana combined have not directly accounted for a single death. But for a peculiar reason, the illegality of these drugs (with the exception of marijuana) remains unchanged. 

It is up for debate what role psychedelics should play in one's life. What is certain is psychedelics can change your life. One may compare it to how Neo felt after he took the red pill.

Share your trip reports and comment on others'. Allow a community to come together in spiritual knowledge and understanding, we are all brothers and sisters of this universe. 

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