Apocalyptic Survival
Part One: Skills

As much as it pains me to say it, apocalyptic survival skills may come in handy in the near future. The time is now to begin preparation for what may come. 

Arguably the most important skill is fire building. This enables you to purify water, keep warm, send signals, and cook meat. This skill is so crucial that I have outlined some basic steps. To build a fire you must:

1. Have a form of ignition. Preferably a lighter. Can use a magnifying glass, flint and magnesium, or create a spare with sticks.

2. Gather tinder to create heat. Good tinder is thin and ignites quickly. Common sources are dead tree bark, leaves, sawdust, and paper. 

3. Place small twigs in a circular pattern over the tinder. Light the tinder and blow gently while cupping your hand around the flame. Do this until the tinder catches.

4. Continue adding twigs in the shape of a teepee. Increase size of the twigs as the fire grows.

5. Once the fire has a strong foundation, add a larger slow-burning fuel source to keep the burn.

IMPORTANT: Always gather more fuel than you could possibly use.

Another incredibly important skill is the gathering of food. No one knows what post-apocalyptia will bring. Assume there is no easy access to any supermarket food. Hopefully you have prepared with a large stockpile, but even then, nothing lasts forever. You must have ways to get food. The best two ways are hunting and farming. If for some reason that is out of the question, you must rely on your ability to safely identify and gather naturally growing food sources.

Good social skills will prove incredibly useful. You want as many people as possible on your side of a conflict. This allows more resources to be gathered and more protection for yourself/the group. It is always a better scenario making a friend than an enemy.

That being said, not everyone you come across will be interested in being your friend. You must know how to defend yourself and your supplies from attackers.

Quick wit and courage will prove to be, overall, your most useful apocalyptic survival skills. Thinking on your feet and improvising will keep you alive. Do not let fear drag you down. Have confidence in yourself and instill confidence in others. No matter what happens, always keep a positive attitude.

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