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Alex Jones is a very informative man. For those that do not know, Jones is the host of The Alex Jones Show, which is a radio program with the ultimate goal of exposing the New World Order and uncovering the conspiracies of the world. He also runs  and He dedicates much of his time to exposing the conspiracies hidden right under our nose. He was one of the first to propose the 9/11 conspiracy. He is a strong advocate for the second amendment and the rights of the people.

Lately the legitimacy of Jones has come into question. Some say he does it for the money. Some say he is mentally unstable, that he is blinded by the potential illusion of one conspiracy after another. He comes across to some as a very unreasonable man. He recently debated with Piers Morgan. In many people's opinions, Jones was lost in tangents and did not reasonably discuss any of his theories with Piers. 

This video can be viewed below:

As you notice, he doesn't exactly come across as the most rational man. He has one particularly questionable theory. It states that the elite in control of the world take dimethyltryptamine (DMT) to contact clockwork elves. These clockwork elves are in charge of the elite, basically telling them what to do. Keep in mind that Jones has never used DMT.

This is a video of his rant:

Anyone who has taken DMT will be disgusted at what Jones says. DMT is a naturally occuring chemical. It is responsible for our dreams at night and is responsible for literally life changing experiences at high doses. 

It is in part of this reason that Jones has been suggested to be a disinformation agent for the New World Order. The objective of his being to dissuade the use of DMT which can opens up the user to the true nature of the universe. 

Jones is also somewhat of a fear-monger. He readily gives an extremely pessimistic view of current world affairs, rarely offering hope for humanity. I will admit, our current scenario is slightly grim. This is a fact. Sickadelix indulges in its fair share of conspiracy theories. The difference is we also indulge in the enlightenment of higher thinking. Jones is feeding his listeners with nothing but bleak scenarios. 

Regardless of whether he wants to or not, he is using the law of attraction to manifest fear in his listeners. 

Personally, I believe Jones to be legitimate. I believe he is simply incredibly frustrated by the current situation. I do believe however he needs to implore a more spiritual and positive style of dissent.

I am not telling you to decide one way or another on the motives of Alex Jones. I am merely attempting to expand your frame of mind. Research Alex Jones for yourself. Visit his websites, and

Be sure to also indulge in other forms of information as well. Most beneficial websites would be one structured in the way Sickadelix is. With both the enlightenment aspect of higher thinking and the forewarning aspect of government conspiracies

A personal recommendation of a website such as this is

Remember to THINK FOR YOURSELF. If you are smart enough to read, you are smart enough to form your own conclusions. Do your own research on any topic you may be unfamiliar with.

The only thing worse than fear is apathy.

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