4g Shroom Trip

Trip Report- Date: Friday, February 15
    Dose: 4.0 grams of powdered mushrooms
Strain: Thai koh sun
Method: soaked in juice of one lemon and drank in a shot followed by a bottle of orange juice, smoked weed throughout experience
After what seemed like a journey in its self, my pal, White Lion and I, finally acquired the 7 grams of the powdered boomers we were told of. Living in the dorms at college we were able to quickly go to my friends’ room and grab them on foot. Once back at WL's dorm room we began to divvy out the treasure. White Lion decided he would let me take 4 grams since I paid for the majority of the product. Being familiar with a good mushroom room trip ,I was up for it. After hearing on the internet threads that you can increase the potency 3 times by soaking it in lemon juice before ingesting it, I decided to put the theory to the test.

At about 6:30 I weighed out White Lions 3 grams and then dumped the remaining contents into the cup with lemon juice for myself. Most of the online threads said the mushrooms needed to soak for at least 20 minutes. At 7:07, we took down our respective mushroom shots. After washing down the taste with some OJ, I decided I wanted to smoke a fat bowl while waiting for the boomers to kick in. That’s when I called my main girl Pink Sloth, who then agreed to burn down some trees. Within 25 minutes Pink Sloth and I were back inside, and feeling slightly stupid. We went back into her room to chill and right then, I could feel the mushrooms starting to kick in WAY quicker than I have ever experienced. I remember obsessively looking at her colorful carpet and watching loose strands appear to sway. While this was happening, I must have confused Pink Sloth who was unaware I consumed the fungus. She asked why I was acting so weird and eventually I told her. I was excited for the trip, I went back to see how White Lion was doing, and he too was beginning to trip. The next hour remains fuzzy in my memory; however what I can remember is a lot of laughing, a little bit more smoking, and eventually WL going to get dinner while I opted to remain at the dorms. I wandered back to my room and then to the common area where I sat and stared off into space while I was deep in thought. This is where I reached my peak.

    Remaining motionless, excited, and nervous as ever, I began to notice warmth spreading through my mid-section. Then as it spread more and more, I eventually could feel the plastic cushion underneath me begin to collect enough liquid to form a puddle around my buttocks. Freaked out by the prospect of pissing myself, I simply got up, felt the damp seat and moved chairs with the intent to deal with the soggy chair after my experience. Well, about 10 minutes later the same warm sensation returns, followed by the same as before.
    Convinced there was no way I pissed myself a second time, I remained in the chair staring blankly at the carpet; which at this point was moving and changing colors to a pink and blue. The carpet's patterns were moving in such a way that they quickly and obviously began to form a Halo from the Halo series. Due to my fascination of what I was seeing I continued to stare to the rotating ring. At one point, from the left of the halo, a hand colored and patterned the same way as the halo enters the scene. The hand slowly moved partly through the ring and the fingers moved in such a way that to me it seemed to be summoning me to the halo (Don’t worry. Artwork will be up eventually to illustrate what I saw). The fingers were moving similar to the way an angry mother would tell her kid to come to her.
    I would have continued to stare at this spectacle, if it had not been for the sensation of a drop of water running all the way down my calf, which caused me to immediately jump up in surprise. It was then that I began to notice significant amount of pressure on my bladder, so I went into the bathroom and proceeded to empty said bladder.
     Afterwards I remained standing in the bathroom for a while and I thought to myself, “There is no way I pissed this much in one hour.” Shocked, I ran back out to the common area to look at the chairs only to find every single one of the chair cushions dry. I was relieved not to have soiled the university furniture and returned back to the restroom to wash my hands and collect my thoughts.
     After a quick rinse, I looked in the mirror and remember thinking, “You’re really f-ed up.” then laughing out loud. With the water still running I splashed some on my face and rubbed my eyes. Upon opening them, I looked up and when my eyes readjusted I saw the paint on the ceiling rusting away, the lights were flickering with gnats flying everywhere around them. Slightly scared of insects, I went back to my room to find my roommate had awoken from his afternoon nap and I told him about everything I had seen and then we talked about something other than the drugs I was on, which helped calm me a bit.
    After our conversation, my roommate left and I went and smoke another bowl with Pink Sloth, which then shortly turned into three bowls. Afterwords, Pink Sloth went outside to smoke a cigarette. I left and returned to my room feeling quite lifted and still sensing the shroomies, For whatever reason I decided to lay my head down and rest my eyes at my desk. I remember seeing some pretty intense closed eye visuals, mostly consisting of figures speeding towards me and then disappearing, and I became more and more uncomfortable the longer I focused on them. After who knows how long, my friend White Lion returned and we went to his room to converse about his trip uptown for dinner. He ended up buying food from Wendy’s and without taking a bite of his food he threw it away. When I asked him why he did that he remarked, “I don’t know, I was on mushrooms.” We continued talking and ended up smoking a few more bowls and played some video games for the remainder of the night.
    In retrospect, I would say that this trip was by far the most intense and most enjoyable out of all that I have been on. I believe this to be the case because for one, the significant amount; almost four grams! In addition to the size of the dose, the fact that they were powdered may have also increased the potency; not to mention the presence of the fresh lemon juice which is rumored to significantly increase the potency as well. And since I weighed White Lion’s dose first, the smaller, more potent part of the shroomies remained in my sack. Much like if you have a bag of weed and all the kief shakes off and are in the bottom of the bag, and whenever that happens the last bowl is always the one that gets you the highest. Another reason for the fantastic-ness of the trip, the most important one in my opinion was that I was alone with my thoughts for the majority of time I was peaking. YAY me.
Thanks for reading !

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