1/8 lemon tek

I woke up on a Saturday in the early afternoon. My resident herbalist had just acquired some boomers and several of my dormmates and I decided to try them out. We dropped them in the lemon juice at 4:00 and consumed them around 4:20

Within ten minutes I began to feel an onset. Unfortunately this was accompanied by a slightly upset stomach which was felt by several of us. To ease the nausea we proceeded to light up some tree. It of course worked like a charm.

It was a beautiful day and afterward we went outside. Trees have always amazed me since my first experience with the fungus. As soon as i stepped outside I noticed a huge tree overlooking the catwalk. I mean this literally, it looked like it had a face! The roots ran together like streams in a delta and I found myself lost in its majesty.

After noting its beauty we began to toss the frisbee we had brought with us. This did not last long as we felt people were staring at us as they walked through the green. We decided to talk a walk through campus.

The four of us made our way to a running path the runs around the perimeter. On our left was a large hill and on our right was the school and the gold course. This all looked very beautiful due to our enhanced mindset.

It was then that one of our group decided he needed to run back to his dorm and work on an idea that was brewing in his head. The three of us that remained began to feel chilly due to the increasing wind. We started walking back but then sat down on a bench.

We proceeded to talk about very deep concepts. Such as the fact that humanity is a slave to currency. How so much war rages for pathetic reasons. How our species could be liberated by the magic mushroom. All the while we were zoning out into the brown palate of the hillside.

After some time, we remembered we were still cold and headed back to our dorms. We began to discuss our displeasure with the institution. Not ours in general but the whole concept. It represents uniformity and conformity. We begrudgingly went back to retrieve warmer clothes.

As soon as we left we headed back to the same bench to continue our conversation. We discussed true happiness, and how the primary goal of college is to receive an income. We personally would be just as happy on a beach and came very close to picking up and leaving that very day.

As we headed back I felt a change within me. I wanted to be as good as I could be. I want to strive for the best mind body and soul I can. I cannot wait to experience the majestic mushroom again in the future and I wish you all the very best in your adventures.

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