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Counterculture -according to Webster's online dictionary- is a culture with values and mores that run counter to those of established society.

The question no longer exists "Is there anything wrong?". Everywhere you look you learn of another bombing, another price increase, and a tightening noose on the masses. What little doubt lingered is being crushed every day. Individuals are beginning to awaken from their spiritual slumber and become more aware of the trouble at hand. The question has become "What is wrong?"

The answer to the question is very simple at it's core. The mindset of the majority is shackled to the control of the mainstream media. The solution exists in triality. The mind, body, and soul act as one being. They must all be liberated in order to experience true freedom.

Counterculture has multiple elements. It is after all, an entire culture in itself. From conspiracy theories to meditation, everything represents valuable information. The key is to see the truth for yourself. 

It is a very important time in human history. A new cultural identity is brewing in the masses. A shift of thought will take place exposing the largest charade of all time. Our goal is to guide you to your own understanding of the topic. The information given is meant to be a vehicle to further your own understanding of the world around and beyond.

Our goal is to allow alternative styles of thinking to converge. Love is always stronger than fear.  We must be strong. 

If any of the above has interested you, or you have interest in alternative news, alternative living, and a repetitive mind blowing, you have stumbled upon the right site.

This website is built to be a hub of knowledge. Any important non-mainstream ideology will eventually make its way to these pages. Important topics to be covered include : Psychedelics, Government, Spirituality, Healthy Living, Philosophy, and forms of art including music and painting.

**Under Construction**

Check back daily.

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